Monday, 14 September 2009

The Antiques Diva

Toma Haines (a.k.a The Antiques Diva) sat down with me in Berlin to record the second All the Best Podcast. She shares her fascinating stories of moving from rural Oklahoma to Europe and staring a business abroad.

Listen Here


  1. R - This is a great idea! I love reading your interviews because it helps gives insight into the real lives and personalities of real designers, not just the face in the magazine or the name attached to the image. After all, design is about living in style with personality. Having a voice with emotion and stories to go along with all of it is a cherry on top. I say, "go go go"! I did a search for interior design related podcasts and came up with nothing...or at least nothing worth listening to. I would absolutely subscribe to listen to something like your blog via a podcast! cheers.

  2. Just listened to this podcast today. I've bookmarked it for an opportune time. A pleasure listening to you and The Antiques Diva. I am now subscribing to her blog and hope to do one of those antique shopping tours with her one day.
    Your podcast gives a more intimate take of you and the profiles you feature. Awesome!

  3. I like working or drawing and listening to these pod casts or books on tape. I find them soothing and educational. Perhaps these pod casts will lead to a beautiful book and a book on tape.
    Wonderful! I love that her Mom threatened to spank her for wanting to go to Venice for a weekend. I think very often when we are told No is makes us look for the inner YES to follow our passion.